Pixel David Bowie

Pixel David Bowie

Coloured pencil and ink pen on paper

33 x 24 cm (13 x 9.4 inches)

“Pixel David Bowie” is part of a series of portraits conceived to be the artistic representation of a peculiar brain skill, that of face recognition.

Besides drawing inspiration from Seurat and Signac, pioneers of Pointilism, this artwork also draws from Pixel Art.

When viewed from a distance (5-6 meters), the artwork resembles a traditional portrait, with the pixels becoming noticeable only upon closer inspection.

The choice of depicting David Bowie is dictated by the need to have a well-known character, an important icon that everyone recognizes.

The iconic cover of the album ‘Aladdin Sane’ is a landmark in music history, depicting David Bowie with closed eyes, a bare torso, and his face split by a red and blue lightning bolt.

This symbolic image, crafted with the assistance of makeup artist Pierre La Roche, captures the complexity and dual nature of the character, offering intriguing insights from a psychological point of view.

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